Are you frustrated with leash pulling?

Walking a dog who pulls can be stressful and lead to strain on your shoulders. Many dog owners simply need more control and this set will give you exactly this.

Experience the best of both worlds with the 'When Kontrol Meets Komfort' Set. This set combines the Kontroller Head Halter, Komfort Slip Collar and Komfort Leash - creating an effortless walking experience. It’s designed to prevent pulling and ensure a controlled, comfortable walk for both you and your dog.

How does this set work?

The Kontroller Head Halter includes a safety clip which is used to attach to the Komfort Slip Collar. This ensures your dog doesn't slip out of the head halter. The Komfort Leash can be attached directly onto the O-ring of the head halter OR it can be attached to the slip collar. When the leash is attached to the slip collar and your dog is pulling, it creates a chain reaction - creating a more gentle leash pressure. Both attachments work effectively to train your dog to stop pulling you on the leash.

The Ultimate Solution for Strong Pullers and Reactive Dogs

Experience peace of mind with a unique setup that prevents your dog from slipping out. The safety clip from the head halter attaches to the slip collar, offering a safe mechanism that keeps your dog securely by your side.

Tailor your level of control based on your dog's behaviour and your walking environment. Attach the leash to the head halter for direct head control or to the slip collar for a more gentle, yet effective, pressure distribution.

High Value & Effectiveness

Beyond savings, this set is crafted to work together seamlessly, offering unmatched control and safety. Its coordinated design ensures style without sacrificing functionality.

Ease Of Transition

While each training tool is effective on its own, their combined use provides a comprehensive solution for managing reactive dogs or strong pullers, ensuring your walks are stress-free and enjoyable.

Customer and Canine Approved

Join the community of dog owners who've found joy in walking their dogs again. The flexibility of leash attachment and the comfort and style of matching accessories have made this set a HUGE favourite.