Are you frustrated with leash pulling?

Walking a dog who pulls can be stressful and lead to strain on your shoulders. You're here because walks are becoming less enjoyable. If this is true - you'll want to find out how you can change this!

Experience the best of both worlds with 'When Kontrol Meets Komfort' Set. This set combines the Kontroller Head Halter, Komfort Slip Collar and Komfort Leash for an effortless walking experience. It’s designed to prevent pulling and ensure a controlled, comfortable walk for both you and your dog.

How does this set work?

The Kontroller Head Halter includes a safety clip which is used to attach to the Komfort Slip Collar. This ensures your dog doesn't slip out of the head halter. The Komfort Leash can be attached directly onto the O-ring of the head halter OR it can be attached to the slip collar. When the leash is attached to the slip collar and your dog is pulling, it creates a chain reaction - creating a more gentle leash pressure. Both attachments work effectively to train your dog to stop pulling you on the leash.

Kontroller Head Halter

Say goodbye to pulling and tugging forever

Komfort Slip Collar

And say hello to pleasant, stress-free walks

Komfort Leash

Get ready to embrace easy and effective training!