Nice to meet you

Our Story

We're Lien and Andrew - the founders of 24K9. Our two boys are Trigger the Amstaff and Pablo the Frenchton. We are so passionate about helping you achieve confidence and control on every walk with your dog!

Our story began as two dog lovers who faced a very common challenge that many dog owners know and experience - leash pulling.

We believe using the most suitable dog accessories or training tools for your dog can set you up for success on your next walk. We are dedicated to providing not only effective dog tools that are safe for you and your dog, but also sharing the knowledge we have implemented and practised ourselves. The right training tools and the right knowledge will create effortless and enjoyable walks without the stress and discomfort.

Thank you for being a part of the 24K9 Krew! We look forward to helping you throughout your journey.

Meet Andrew

Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Andrew here, one of the founders of 24K9. I've faced many challenges with my American Staffy boy, Trigger. I am your everyday dog owner who made the commitment to study, practise and refine my skills to understand dog psychology. I am very proud to share that I became a certified professional dog trainer and behaviourist in November 2023.

More Than Just A Canine

Our Mission

We pride ourselves by creating a safe and respectful space with OPTIONS. Our 24K9 dog accessories simply offer you opportunities to set your dog up for success. Every dog has different needs and what works for others, may not work for you and that’s completely fine. There are many factors we need to take into consideration in selecting the appropriate dog accessory. There is not one size fits all and we encourage you to never stop trying for your fur baby. We only fail our dogs if we stop trying.

Our mission stems from our own experience with our dogs and all we want for ALL dogs is for them to live their best, healthy and happy life. We offer a range of dog accessories and training tools that will give you great confidence to walk your dog in style and comfort, catering for your dog’s needs. We can assure you that our quality products will provide customer and canine satisfaction. Join us in showing the world that our dogs are ‘More Than Just A Canine’.

Our Duty

What We Stand For

When we need a hand, they give us their paw. We never knew a love existed like this until we brought our boys Trigger and Pablo home. They have a way of knowing us: how we think, act and feel. And only dog owners can truly understand the bond we form with our dogs.

As dog owners, we take full responsibility to nurture and care for them. This includes daily physical activity, healthy meals, regular vet visits and the list goes on! No matter what the task was, we knew that we had to do whatever it takes to love and support our fur babies the best way we can. We aim to build a community where we are able to share our love for dogs and the wonderful experiences we create with our fur babies. At 24K9, we promote fair opportunities to discuss your daily struggles that you may face, without feeling judged or disassociated from society.

We are all united here and we will continue to support every dog owner that is looking to gain confidence and control on their next walk with their dog.