About Us

Meet The Faces of 24K9 
When we need a hand, they give us their paw. 
'Family' is like a strong pillar that provides support to overcome all life challenges. Every member of our family is loved, respected and cared for. We are a young couple from Sydney, Australia who are at the point in life, wanting to start a family. However, due to the fact that we both live busy lives, we are unable to raise a family of our own at this point of time. We came to realise that our family did not have to consist of children but instead, we decided that canines were just the perfect fit for us.
... and then there were FOUR.
We started our family with two loving pups who filled our hearts with happiness. Their unconditional love created a sense of comfort and safety as we learned to interact with our loyal canines. They have a way of knowing us: how we think, act and feel. And only dog owners can truly understand the bond we form with them and the responsibility we have to nurture and care for them. As the world around us continues to change, we also continue to adapt to these changes. We have the ability to express who we are in many different forms and so therefore we must also do the same for our canines.
Our brand 24K9 represents a new era of an upscale ultra-modern luxury style of fashion for our well-loved canines. Our vision sees that all canine owners share the responsibility to treat their fur-friends as an invaluable member of their family. Ultimately, they deserve to look good and feel good everywhere they walk. By-passers will begin to notice that this is a new society for our canines...
We have absolute confidence that our quality products will provide customer and canine satisfaction. Join us in expressing our love through our trendsetting dog accessories. 24K9, 'More Than Just A Canine.'