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Kombat Harness
Peter Kasteliotis

Great quality product.

Kontroller Head Halter
Kirsty Pickersgill
Control head harness

Just recieved my control head harness..AMAZING..like I had a different dog.. self corrected when her reactivity kicked in and gave me utter control and focus. In the 4 months I've had her and been working through her reactivity.. this was my most enjoyable and non stressful walk I've had with her. She only fussed with it over her nose a little so don't think it will take long before she unbothered by it

Komfort Slip Collar
Cheryl Greenway

Another great product from 24k9!!!! Absolutely brilliant! Easy slip on and off and I connect the halti and lead to it and in 2 yrs it was the first time I was able to,walk her and she never pulled and definitely no choking herself. Best thing I've done after using MANY different harnesses and haltis! I couldn't recommend this product enough!!!!!

Taking my girl a bit to get use to it as she hates anything on her face., but we will persevere so I am able to walk her

The best head halter on the market!

I have used halters on dogs over the past 20 years. Other ones on the market such as Gentle Leader and Halti are good. but this surpasses then both! The material is thick and strong. I have had my latest dog, a German short haired pointer, chew through two other brands already in the past 6 months and fiddle and scrape them on walks. This took only a couple of walks and she is no longer fussing as it is so comfortable. The design is great as it sits properly under her chin and she is unable to get it in her mouth to chew. Best halter I have ever bought! Paisley agrees too!

Kontroller Head Halter

What a difference it made to walk our Doberman Arlo. We normally walk him on a chain leash, but this Head Halter made it even better to walk him. We are very happy with this.
Thank you

Kontroller Head Halter
Karen Mansfield

Instant difference, and control

Thank you from Buster and I

Kontroller Head Halter
Karen Mclachlan

I really thought it wasn’t going to work, but we are walking and practicing daily, my dog is still trying to take it off but does get to a point where he just leaves it. I just need to learn how to take his focus of other dogs and humans and put it on me. But he is one focused puppy when he is wanting to get near something.

Komfort Slip Collar

Best customer service

I ordered the wrong size and they were happy to exchange for the size I was ment to order easy return great communication and even better product

We are still getting used to the nose piece but Miss Ramzi is doing fine. The quality of the products are excellent. Not only do they look good they are strong and well made.

Kontroller Head Halter
Kristie Birrell

The first time we used it
We have a 45kg AM staffy no pulling walked with us!
A game changer
Your definitely recommend
Thank u 🙏

Komfort Slip Collar
Linsey Leighton
Head collar and collar and lead

Amazing my dog loves them so do we no more pulling

Fits perfectly

Fits perfectly

Free Korrection Slip Leash

Works great

Kontroller Head Halter
Kerry Wardrop
Head Halter

The Kontroller Head Halter is an excellent product, well constructed and more than strong enough to controll my big German Shepherd. It was delivered within a few days of ordering. Thank you.

Complete game changer.
It’s unbelievable the difference this has made to walking my German Shepard

Awsome collars


Kontroller Head Halter
Michael Hayes
Murphy’s Halter

A total game changer for me, I can now enjoy walking Murphy. I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet which affects my balance. When Murphy who is a 42kg Goldador pulled or changed direction quickly I was in danger of falling over. I can now walk safely with him because of the Kontroller Head Halter.

60cm Klose Handle Leash
Kate Martinussen
Kontrol Head Halter/60cm Klose Handle Leash

Absolutely loving these items, has made walking Hunter and Ryder so much easier.
Will be buying another one of each so they have one each for Hunter and Ryder, then we will try one for Emerson my Irish Wolf Hound.

Komfort Leash
Anne Forbutt

Excellent quality and very functional

Komfort Harness
Anne Forbutt

Excellent quality 🙂🐶👍

Free 24K9 Tape Measure
Michael Ryan

As expected