Y-Shaped Harnesses Are The Ideal Choice For Your K9

As you embark on your journey finding the perfect harness for your K9, you will encounter many designs and variations. You may come across a H-shaped harness that has a strap across the chest from left to right, however you may not realise that these types of harnesses will affect your dog's freedom of movement and therefore cause future shoulder and joint injuries. One of the most important key elements of dog harness designs is that the straps must be secured away from your dog's shoulders. 

The recommended Y-shaped harness resembles the shape of the letter 'Y'. This means that the straps go around your dog's girth, which is the wider part of your dog's chest, behind its forearms and around your dog's front chest but not around its neck. The Y-shaped harness is particularly most suitable for large and stronger dog breeds as their safety is not compromised. You may find yourself in a range of situations where your dog will pull excitedly or reactively, however what we acknowledge with the design of the Y-shaped harness is that the pressure is dispersed across the largest area of your dog's body. This means that you will also exercise better control of your dog without causing added pain.

The main goal of using a Y-shaped harness is to ensure the safety of your dog and this is clearly highlighted in the points discussed earlier. We recognise that some dogs may be sensitive to wearing dog walking equipment and the information provided may not cater for all dog needs. Ultimately as dog owners, it is our responsibility to create a positive relationship with our dogs and allow them to feel safe through consistent routines, nurture and patience.